Our Story

Birth and Evolution of the Idea

In early 2018, a group of like minded friends from London School of Economics came together to try and find solutions for improving the lives of homeless individuals living in the cold streets of London. This idea gave rise to the inception of Leiter in 2019.

Our Engagement Model

V The Force

Through Leiter's job porta V The Force, job seekers get access to various jobs in the blue collar category.

My Shared Learning

Is an online training platform offering professional development and self-enrichment for job seekers.

The Cre8ive Ladder

Leiter in partnership with Creative Heads, UAE brings job related training on website designing and social media branding.

Tough economic times call for strong people champions in the market and every tough situation presents opportunities for companies to go beyond the ordinary hiring of employees but participate in the overall development and welfare of their staff.

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