How to Join


System Overview

Bible Quest will be held in both online and paper format. For online BQ, participants will be able to join from any place at the set time on a computer or mobile phone. Paper format will be held in respective centres as usual.  However, Center registration can be done at the BQ website (If you are unable to register your centre online, please let us know and we will make alternate arrangements).

Registration Process:

Online BQ registration will start from: Sunday, 28 August 2022, 02:30 pm


Registration Fee: ₹ 30/-per person.

  1. Registration of candidates – individual registration and group registration
    • Individual registration is for those participants who want to register directly and not affiliated to any Centre. They will get further updates and login access to BQ in their emails / mobile.
    • Group registration can be used by Center-in-charges, only if you have 10 or more participants. It will provide two options:
      • For online BQ: Upon registration, the system will generate as many User logins as the no. of participants and send it to the Center-in-charge by email. The Center-in-charge will need to provide this unique User login information to each participant, in order to access the online BQ.
      • The candidate while appearing for the exam has to enter the name, age and the corresponding details into the system.
      • For Paper BQ: Center-in-charge needs to complete the registration.  Question papers and Answer sheets will be dispatched (speed post/ courier) in to your mailing address directly from Bible Quest office, Bangalore.
      • Center-in-charge needs to arrange seating facilities for the participants to write the exam as per the COVID protocol.
    • All registrations will be complete and valid only after full payment of the registration amount. For Group registrations, the system will display the payable amount after the applicable concessions. Center-in-charges are authorized to collect ₹ 30/- only as the registration fee from each participant. Registration fees can be paid online by net banking, credit/debit cards or wallets. [If Center-in-charge is unable to make online payment, kindly contact the BQ office.]

2. All online candidates with User logins will have access to mock BQ tests, using their login from 1st July onwards, to familiarize with the online BQ system and pattern.


Examination features

1.      The exam will be conducted using multiple-choice questions and, in the languages announced.

2.      Exam will be on online and paper format.

3.      The online system will generate random questions for each candidate from the set of questions assigned for the test, ensuring that no 2 candidates will have the same sequence of questions appearing for the test.

4.      Each online candidate will be restricted to take the exam only once, at the set time of BQ.

5.      The candidate is given only a set amount of time for the exam as a whole and by the question. The remaining time for the question will be displayed on the screen and the system will bring up the new question after the time for the question is elapsed. The total remaining time of the exam will also be displayed on the screen, after which the exam will close automatically.

Results and Prizes

  1. The results, marks and ranking will be sent to the candidates’ email within a reasonable time after the BQ.
  2. The top 3 winners in each group will be awarded with the cash prizes and certificates, which will be sent to the Center-in-charge.
  3. The participation certificates will be made available to Center-in-charges/ participants through a downloadable link.
  4. If there is any tie for the top-ranking winner will be selected by casting lot