2020 Winners 

Thank you for your patience while we were completing the evaluation process. The evaluation of paper exams has taken some time. The top prize winners have been selected from the pool of online and paper exam participants in each language/age group. As mentioned on the overview page, a number of language/age groups have been combined together due to low participation in those groups. However, we have taken care to retain the distinct adult and children, age groups, even in those combined languages.

There were a number of participants who scored high marks and some who were in a tie for the top scores. Again, as per the rules of the BQ (provided in the Instructions), we had to select top 3 prize winners from the top scorers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. However, the BQ Team has decided to award a consolation prize to all top scorers in all language/age groups as a token of our appreciation for their achievement.

Please click the button below for the list of prize winners in each group.